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Friday, October 06, 2006

I have got to get to get a bigger ammo locker...

Yeah, I bought another rifle and its in a new caliber that I don't already stock in my ammo locker... I have been making gun buying decisions already based upon whether or not I was willing to add a new caliber to the shopping list but what's a guy to do when presented with a dandy varmit shooter for just a hundred bucks? Its a H&R Sportster™ 17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire, (scroll down the page a ways) and it already has a scope on it.

I'll get it home tomorrow as I was in a hurry to get home after work today and only stopped at the pawn shop for just a minute... Just one drink, you know... But the gun looks practically new though its been shot a few times at least as the barrel needs cleaned.

So tomorrow I'll go get the rifle and bring it home and I suppose while I'm out I'll hit Sportsman's Warehouse for a box or two of ammo. I guess I have to buy a new, skinny cleaning rod and another zippered rifle case now too!

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